Last day i made some cute little rainbow cupcakes that inspired me to write this new post about them and how to decorate a cupcake depending who you are going to give the cupcake. There are millions of ways that you can decorate them. I will show you the ones that i found more interesting and different from the typical decorations for cupcakes.

This are the ones that i made:


They are vainilla flavour and the creme on the top is “italian merengue” also vainilla flavour. The little silver balls on top you can buy them on any supermarket. Inside they are coloured as a rainbow and are very fun to make and easy.

Here are some other designs made with fondant on top:

F1D6KLLH7A8PPSF.MEDIUM images-1 images

If you have a little imagination you can create little pieces of fashion on the cupcakes like these ones:

IMG_9017-1024x768 images-1 images

You can buy fondant on any cupcakes and cakes stores.There are some more difficult models to make depending on you’re level and you’re experience making them. Also, there are plenty of books or youtube channel were they show you how to make cute cupcakes like these ones:

Hope you liked these new post about cupcakes and how to decorate little cute pieces of fashion named cupcakes.


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