In this new post I would like to talk about the NYC FASHION WEEK, that started a few days ago and will end this next 11th of September.

During this hole week the most prestigious designers of the whole world come to NY for this amazing and exciting week of fashion, presenting the new 2015 spring collection.

There are lot of famous brands present in this fashion week such as Desigual, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera…

Desigual is one of the most popular brand nowadays.

Manel Jadraque, is the Managing Director & spokesperson for Desigual.

This are some of the proposes of Desigual for this next spring 2015:desigual-4

This year they are proposing a hole new outfits full of flowers and vitality.

Another popular worldwide brand is Ralph Lauren.

This are their propose for the next spring:


They are proposing a quality and elegant outfits with very bright colours.

This next brand is also very popular around the world, this is what Lacoste recently created:


They are proposing very different outfits and the color predominantly is white, dark blue and red.

DKNY was created by a women called Donna Karan, this is her new line of clothes:


Donna Karan says that “”For me, designing is an expression of who I am as a woman, with all the complications, feelings and emotions.”

Tommy Hilfiger is another popular brand nowadays, this is their new proposal:


For this next summer they designed floral and lined clothes with red and blue colours predominating.

This is my favourite fashion week in the whole year, i love the new outfits created by the most popular brands and the most sophisticated outfits for this next spring.

Introducing Myself

I would like to start my blog with this first entrance talking about myself and what I do in my everyday life.
I’m a 15th year old girl living in Barcelona. I like sports and fashion. I’m studying 4rth grade of secondary school at Escola Pia (in Barcelona).

Fashion is more than dressing up to go to out, it’s your life that is reflected on every piece of clothes you put on and the decision of wearing a pink or a black shirt has a lot to do with your personality and your personal preferences. To me fashion is more than a hobby it’s a way of life and a passionate world to me. Everything has to do with fashion from a little complement that could be for example an earring, up to the most obvious like a simple t-shirt.

With this blog i would like to show all of you the new trending topics in the fashion world and comment photos of celebrities and how they dress everywhere, and also if I see a curious outfit in the web I will post it and share my opinion.

I think this is all you have to know about me,

Be aware for the next post!!

Júlia Zardoya Aguado


Winter Time

Although it’s one of the hottest winters in history, I will show you some outfits that can be worn rather it’s very cold or when it still seems like it’s autumn.

Let’s begin with basics:

These are two tops that can be very useful during the winter time. They are very easy to combine with other colours such as blue or black.


Let’s continue with the bottom parts:

What I bought for this winter are a pair of blue and black jeans. I think they combine vey good with all the rest of the pieces.I like jeans which are not too much broken, just a little bit.


To complement I choose some scarfs and shoes to wear everyday and some to wear on special occasions



As you can see I love black. I think it’s the best color to combine with everything. If you don’t like that much black you can replace it by grey which is another very combinable color.

To end, for those cold winter days the best coats to keep you warm and a hat to cover your head.


All the clothes shown on this post are taken from the web Asos and Andreas.

Have a great winter and a happy new year!!
































Summer has ended and it has left us with this new season where it’s not cold or hot, you don’t know really what to wear so that’s what this post is about. I will help you decide some ideas of outfits you can wear during these days  and also some cool brands you can check out.

Brands are opening doors to off-the shoulder tops like this one:


This kind of tops were starting to come into fashion during the summer but definitely they are going to be more used during this fall.You can combine them with all kind of jeans.

Another kind of cloth is going to be weared this fall is faux suede . Personally i don’t like it,but as it is going to be very fashioned i will included in my fall post.


This is a skirt with this type of cloth but you can find it in all kind of pieces like dresses,shoes, jeans…

For those days were you don’t know if it’s going to be hot or cold you can wear a basic top with a cardigan on top. I bought this one and i love it. I recommended to you if you like these kind of ethnic style:


The colours combine with everything, it’s very comfortable and very cute.

Finally the cutest complements i found on the web:



Next on our outfit are the shoes. I love these shoes:


They are made with very similar cloth but the design and the colour is different. I love both!

To end with this fall post i found some interesting and very cute outfits:


Hope this post will help you combine your clothes to make the perfect outfits for this fall 2015


Last day i made some cute little rainbow cupcakes that inspired me to write this new post about them and how to decorate a cupcake depending who you are going to give the cupcake. There are millions of ways that you can decorate them. I will show you the ones that i found more interesting and different from the typical decorations for cupcakes.

This are the ones that i made:


They are vainilla flavour and the creme on the top is “italian merengue” also vainilla flavour. The little silver balls on top you can buy them on any supermarket. Inside they are coloured as a rainbow and are very fun to make and easy.

Here are some other designs made with fondant on top:

F1D6KLLH7A8PPSF.MEDIUM images-1 images

If you have a little imagination you can create little pieces of fashion on the cupcakes like these ones:

IMG_9017-1024x768 images-1 images

You can buy fondant on any cupcakes and cakes stores.There are some more difficult models to make depending on you’re level and you’re experience making them. Also, there are plenty of books or youtube channel were they show you how to make cute cupcakes like these ones:

Hope you liked these new post about cupcakes and how to decorate little cute pieces of fashion named cupcakes.


Paris is the capital of fashion . Everybody has heard that paris has the best designers in the hole entire world. I love Paris and the unique boutiques that you can find all over the city. I have made some examples of styles that i found on the web:

Fashion in paris 1

This first one is one of my favourites. I love the grey skirt and it combines very good with a black shirt and black shoes. If it’s cold outside you can also add black stockings to the style.

Fashion in paris 2

This second one is a more classic style. They combine black and white colours with black high heel shoes. This design is very elegant.

Fashion in paris 3

The last style is characteristic because all of it’s elements are black. This is more an everyday style to be very confortable and chic at the same time.

Now that christmas is coming you can wear one of this unique designs for parties, important meals…


All girls would like to have a perfect manicure for christmas. But nowadays the centers who makes nail art are very expensive, so I found on youtube some amazing tricks to get the perfect manicure without wasting a lot of money and you will obtain professional results.

The first thing you must have is the nail dotting tool. If you don’t have one you can make it waching this video:

The next thing is to have a nail striper tool. If you don’t have one, each this video: 

To have even better results you can buy the palisade on Amazon. Palisade Avoids you using nail polish remover to “clean-up” after polishing your nails, it polishes your nails withouts getting polish on your cuticles and it’s perfect for nail art.

When you have all these items and some nail polish, you are ready to start making your christmas nails. I will recommend you to watch this video to learn how to make them. They are really cute and they seem professional but they’re quite easy to make.

Happy christmas holidays,



Now that halloween has arrived you have to prepare the best and most realistic costumes to impress you’re friends.

There is a basic element to show that it’s good costume or a bad costume, is the fear you cause on people that look at you.

The tipical costumes people wear is the zombie, the wich, the pumking one…

But this year might make a big change between las year’s costumes. If you guys don’t want to wear the tipical costumes here are some ideas:

-On this next photo you have a very original costume of the corpse Bride:

– If you want to be very very scary, this one is the right opption:

-And last but not least a costume for the smallest of the house:


That’s all
Happy sacry Halloween 🍬🎃🎃


This next post is about eye makeup and show to decide the colours to put on on every situation during the day.



If you have brown eyes the best option you can choose is wearing a brown or bronze eyeshadow with a black eye mascara and a black eye line at the top part of the eye.


If you have green eyes the best option you can choose is a different shades of green eyeshadow which black mascara and at the bottom of the eye a light green eye line.

And if you have blue eyes or a mixture of blue and grey the best option you can decide is a mixture of different shades of blues and combined with grey or silver. You can add a black eye line at the bottom and at the top and also black mascara.



This photograph shows you how to make a day makeup. For this option first you have to put a base of skin makeup and then you have to keep adding pink shadow tones until you have dark pink(s the photo shows) wham you end, add a green eye liner at the top of the eye and a black eye liner at the top. For the final detail you can add a black mascara.



At night you might better chose darker colours combine with black eye line and black mascara. You can also combine different tones of dark color as the photo shows.


This new post(as the title says) is about how to choose the exact color of the eye line you need and how to make it perfect.


If you have blue eyes I would recommend you to choose a blue eye line. If you have green eyes choose a green eye line and if you have brown eyes then choose the brown eye line.

Also a color that goes well with all eye colours is the black eye line.



When you already have the colour chosen you have to start with the make up.

To achieve the left photo it’s better to start from the top of the eye, start from the start of the eye till the end of the line drawing a thin very thin line and after achieving this you can make it vey thin or as you like it to be.

To achieve the second photograph you have to make a very thin line and at the end make it every time more thick.


The next post will be about eyeshadows and how to use them correctly so.. be aware!!



When we were born we already had style and when we grow up it stay’s present almost in everything that we do, our acts, the way of dressing, how to hold a cup, the way that we communicate up to the way of closing a door. Let’s take a look all the styles presents nowadays:


-Sporty( comfortable sneakers, pants and a sweatshirt)



-Alternative(High boots, shorts and a big t-shirt) you can also add sun glasses or a cap.



-Casual(For going out during the day, comfortable but cute)




-Chic( You can wear very cute clothes, doesn’t mater if you’re not very comfortable. Add complements like a bag.)



-Classic/ Elegant( For boys you can to wear the classic suite with long trousers and a tie and for girls a long dresses with neutral colours)



-Dark(As the name says you have to wear the most black components as u can, and of course black t-shirt and black trousers)





-Gothic( Black clothes or red huge belts and a hair style unique) you can also put you’re hair red or green)

images 13.08.29

-Jeans wear( Wearing jeans like the name says)


-Retro( Happy colours and pastel colours for girls better wear a dress and for guys better wear a colourful tie)Unknown 14.27.41

-Retro( Happy colours and pastel colours for girls better wear a dress and for guys better wear a colourful tie)

images-1 14.27.43


-Vintage( Dressing like 40 years ago, wear a high skirt or high trousers and sunglasses) you can also add a nice cap

images 14.27.39




I define my everyday style chic and sporty. I like to combine both styles, but when the occasion need’s it i can put on a very elegant outfit.

This is my everyday style:


Photo taken in NYC.